Rosalie Anderson
Author and Certified Life, Health and Business Coach

Rosalie is a personal growth, marriage, and caregiver coach. Dual-certified by Erickson College and Coach Academy International.

She holds a degree in Business Administration from Dallas Baptist University and is also a published author. Her book, Zero-Cost Weight Loss is an Amazon bestseller.

Rosalie's main goals are to:

  • Help couples strengthen their marriage (and support the children of divorce)
  • Support veterans and their families through re-entry and grief counseling
  • Counsel spouses impacted by terminal illnesses and Alzheimer's

Rosalie's 3 Key Strengths are:

  1. Empathy 
  2. Trustworthiness
  3. Introspection

Rosalie has had a stellar career in several industries. She has worked in the healthcare field in the areas of radiology, hospital sales, senior care communities and hospice care. 

In addition, Rosalie has worked as a business development specialist, facilitator, sales trainer, and as Executive Director for the Goldman Sachs and Dallas Colleges' 10,000 Small Business partnership.

Lastly, as one who prides herself in finding new ways to do things, Rosalie is also a patented inventor.

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